I am SISLEY     I am ROCK     I am SISLEY     I am SEXY     I am SISLEY     I am REAL     I am SISLEY     I am FIRE     I am SISLEY     I am LOVE     I am SISLEY     I am CRAZY     I am SISLEY     I am HAPPY   

They are not looking for followers but rather people to share their emotions with. They're on social media, but prefer real life. They don't just wear clothes, but they interpret them.

The new Spring Summer 2021 Campaign features actors, athletes, artists, dancers, chefs, musicians who have chosen to pursue their passions without ever looking back.

#I am REAL #I am LOVE #I am HAPPY
#I am ROCK #I am CRAZY #I am SEXY #I am FIRE

Without constraints, in complete freedom, guided only by the love for what makes them feel alive: I AM passion, courage, a calling. I AM rock, love, hope. I AM unique.

A fresh and free portrait of those who found their calling and follow it with enthusiasm, talent and dedication, interpreting the new SS21 Collection looks with style and flair.

Throughout the campaign you will meet new stars, new styles and fascinating stories.
We hope to see you here.

#I am AND I will be