The place Paris, the date 1968, the collection Denim.

Thus begins the history of the Sisley brand which was to introduce, year after year, a revolutionary dress style compared to current standards, perfectly in tune with cutting-edge trends.

The meeting with Benetton took place in 1974, when the Group, realising its potential, acquired the exclusive rights for it. However it was only in 1985 that Sisley gained its own individual personality. Self-reliant commercial and creative staff were hired and a new image for the retail outlets, product and advertising was created. 1996 marked another important stage in the history of Sisley: the logo was changed and the gold and garnet red shield, which had brought fame to the brand worldwide, was replaced by a more chic and sophisticated logo with white writing on a black background.

At the start of each season Sisley brings out collections for men and women whose basic aim is to be always on the same wavelength as those who follow the most appealing side of fashion. With 900 retail outlets worldwide, Sisley represents on the clothing scene a recognisable life and dress style. The Sisley design team is focused on all things fashion in the present or in the future, receptive to stimuli and aware of the phenomena that attract the young generations. This receptiveness is also manifested in the details, accessories, colours and fabrics, sharing a sophisticated yet understated style. Creativity and innovation however always go hand in hand with a specific commercial policy which aims at excellent value for money involving ongoing research and analysis of the textiles industry and the new technologies it adopts.

Famous the world over, the Sisley ad campaigns were entrusted for many years to photographer Terry Richardson, who had invented for Sisley a possible reality, a sort of fiction with a very strong sensual and erotic component, toned down and played down by the effects of irony.

His extraordinary creativity produced the “Sisley Diaries”, which season after season became actual cult and collectors’ items. From the first editions where the recurring theme was travel up to the present time where the diary is an opportunity for narrating feelings, fantasies or even just occasions and situations in life.

Today Sisley is a brand with a strong personality: sexy, unconventional and with a powerfully contemporary aesthetic which makes it immediately identifiable and popular. The collections, echoing the values expressed by the brand, are always at the leading edge, attractive and attentive to details, style and quality.

In the new Sisley strategy the advertising also stages the world of the brand through an attractive mix of the seductive, the contemporary and the cool. With a view to this the recent campaigns have captured that urban, irreverent and fast-paced style which is synonymous with Sisley and which is integrated with online activities and the strictly social interaction with the increasingly large community of fans.

In step with the strategy for renewal of the brand, product and advertising the first new concept store has opened in Berlin, a city which symbolises cultural, artistic and creative rebirth.

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